Tired of the usual nasi padang and Sunda food I tried this colonial Dutch restaurant called HUIZE TRIVELLI. The building is one of the remaining original houses of European-Dutch housing complex which was built in 1939. Right from the entrance you can see the antique decor which makes you feel like being transported in time to the old Batavia era. One thing to note is the chairs are huge 🙂 not like small restaurant chairs which is just big enough for my bum. It is a Heritage Resto and Pattisier. You can see old photos adorning the walls with Dutch songs and old keroncong songs playing in the background. There are a couple of private dining rooms, (most likely the bedrooms before), I think they need the extra rooms because the place is quite small for a restaurant, maybe enough for about 40-50 pax. Food is ok, not too bad, they have a mix of Dutch recipe and some Indonesian dishes. I especially like the starters, Travelli Insulinde Pastei, that one I liked it so much that I ordered two of it. Price is OK to with main course between Rph 30,000-50,000 and drinks in the region of Rph 8,500-15,000 depending on what you ordered.

Unfortunately smoking is only allowed on the outside but that is not too bad either. You can have a table in the little garden outside and listen to the sound of water trickling down the roof into the pond.

About Huize Trivelli (from their website)

As a matter of fact our family belongs to a family clan of Old Batavia family (Betawi Tempo Doeloe) who have settled in Batavia since ± 200 years ago. Since hundreds of years ago, Batavia has become a transit, trade center, and even the settlment of various nationalities from all over the world. So diversed social and cultural values have made Batavians have their own unique traditions amd culture. Or, in other words, the culture and tradition that are resulted from the acculturation of various culture and traditions such as Arabs, Chinese, Europeans, as well as various number of indigineous traditional cultures from Indonesia itself. The blend of such cultural traits, patterns and traditions has been manifested in many aspects of life in our family.

The location:
Jalan Tanah Abang Dua 108. Jakarta 10150 Tel./Fax.: 021 3865803
Email: info@huize-trivelli.cominfo@huize-trivelli.com or management@huize-trivelli.commanagement@huize-trivelli.com