Browfee, combination of ‘Brownie’ and ‘Coffee’… yummy, at Jl Dago No.167

No trip to Bandung is complete without a visit to Amanda cafe known for its browfees, i.e. brownies and coffee :). It sells steamed brownies, so sweet – a no no if you’re a dentist.

I read somewhere that the company was founded by PT. Pos Indonesia retired employees. Amanda the name is “Anak Mantu Damai” sorry I dunno what it means though.Its normal to see tourist carrying bags of the popular brownies up the Air Asia aircraft back to KL. So much so that even the customs officers at LCCT will give you a big smile when you show them the brownies. There are so many different flavours to choose – From the original chocolate flavor to other variants such as cheese, blueberry topping, tiramisu etc.
At this outlet at Jl Juanda (Dago) they have a cafe type outlet selling brownies and other local dish and you can have it in the cafe together with coffee etc. I just love the brownies with ice cream.

Sometimes people from outside Bandung just buy theAmanda Brownies Kukus from cars or vans parked along the street, mostly on Jl Dago and Jl Martadinata. At a higher price of course compared to buying from Amanda outlet.