Sate Hj Samuri, Medan MARA

one of the most famous local franchise – Sate Hj Samuri. On last count I believe they have about 15 outlets including the ones at the R&R areas along the expressway. They have certainly come a long way from the sleepy town of Kajang where in the 70’s I used to frequent the first shop near the Kajang Bus Terminal. Especially during our ‘balik kampung’ trip as my grand parents used to live near Kajang.

Known as sate in Malay (and pronounced similarly to the English), Hj Samuri sate outlets offer chicken sate, beef sate, deer sate, rabbit sate, fish sate , goat sate and many other variants.

The Malaysian sate is just one variation of sate as you can find something similar in all other ASEAN countries.