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Majestic ambience holds all the heritage of yesteryears. At more than 150 years old, Omah Dhuwur is a paradigm of colonial sense blending with Javanese ethnicity to become a place to dine.

Set upon 3700 m2 land, Omah Dhuwur is situated in the heart of Jogjakarta’s Silver City, Kotagede, the majestic kingdom of Mataram. An intriguing resident villa once owned by well – known reputable wealthy, Pak Tembong, of Orang Kalang. Any local folk of Kotagede will easily tell the saga of the golden coin and Pak Tembong’s passion that once inspired him. Sadly, somewhere in Omah Dhuwur a gold toilet that never existed.

Now, as a property of HS Silver, Omah Dhuwur has opened its doors as not only an aesthetic and historical showcase but also an offering to the appetite. A stunning place shrouded with eclectic hectic of past and the reminiscent of old time Jogja Conveyed into three parts, Omah Dhuwur metamorphosed to be an over whelming tranquilly and seductive palates.

Originated from Javanese and Dutch cuisine, Omah Dhuwur transforms its philosophy into fusion art of palates.

A unique blend between traditional deep fried cassava coupled with lavish grilled tenderloin named Omah dhuwur Steak served with sauted creamy cassava and rolled vegetables, the Jenger janger Chicken Steak, lobster termidore, Salmon Cascade and BBQ Beef Back Rib are the famous cuisines created by our chef.
Clove, ginger and cinnamon are fused and turn into Omah Dhuwur Traditional Javanese Punch or let your self-relaxed with The Wedang Omah Dhuwur using Lime grass, Cinnamon, ginger, and clove.

OPENING HOUR 11.00 – 23.00 PM

FACILITIES: – 100 seats – Lounge & bar

Restoran Omah Dhuwur

Jl. Mondorakan No. 252 Kotagede, Yogyakarta INDONESIA 55172

telp: +62 -274-374952 fax: +62 -274-374952